The Terrible Teen Who MURDERED Her Family | Cassandra Bjorge

5 months ago 2061

They say that to be evil one must be profoundly immoral and wicked and if that’s the technical decision then you will agree that Cassandra Bjorge takes the crown as an evil teenager.

Cassandra was a terrible teen who wouldn’t take no for an answer and after being shipped off to live with her grandparents she would repay their generosity and patience in the most disgusting of ways.

Wendy and Randal Borg were the perfect elderly couple. They had a loving family and were well respected in their local community of Lawrenceville, a city in Georgia United States, being married for multiple decades.

That is why when their daughter Amanda, calls for help with her daughter. It only seemed natural to them to step in and guide her because being blunt she needed it. What they didn’t know however was that by accepting young Cassandra into the household their lives would change forever.

Cassandra was born and raised in Duluth, Georgia. She lived with her mother, Amanda Sterling, and her stepfather. Although her early life isn’t well known, locals say that her childhood was unfortunately messy and tumultuous without a suitable Father figure to guide her. She was a wild child with little to no manners. She lacked direction from either of her parents and was essentially left alone to do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted.

By the time she was 16 years old, this had resulted in a terrible relationship with law enforcement with many offenses including underage drinking, smoking weed, shoplifting, domestic assault, skipping school, and running away from home.

The teenage girl had developed a selfish attitude toward my way or the highway.

Her mother has had enough of her bratty and out-of-control behavior. It was unfortunately too late to change anything.

Amanda desperately needed help so she called her parents to see if they could do anything to support her. Amanda thought if she could get her daughter away from all of the drama at home and in school then maybe she could have a fresh start and turn her life around.

So in the year 2016, Wendy and Randall filed for custody of Cassandra as a result she moved from Duluth to join her grandparents in Lawrenceville.

Cassandra made it immediately clear that she was not happy with this arrangement she was angry, unresponsive, and quite rude to her grandparent’s demands and immediately challenged their authority as a result and tension began to grow.

Her grandparents believed that deep down she was not a bad person. She had merely been raised in an unhealthy environment.

What they underestimated however was Cassandra's bullheadedness and willingness to get her way by any means necessary.

According to police records, the police had to respond to the Bjorge home, 31 times from 2016 through to 2017.

9 of those calls were made by neighbors who heard shouting and 18 calls were made directly from Wendy and Randal who constantly experienced their granddaughter running away. Some of those calls involved domestic disputes, where she became physically violent against her grandparents. Others included drinking or smoking in the household.

In the winter of 2016, officers arrived at the Bjorge household when Cassandra’s grandparents called that she had physically assaulted Wendy according to official reports.

Wendy told officers that she and Cassandra were arguing after she had been caught drinking again, after being told to watch her language Cassandra picked a glass of water and threw it at her grandmother narrowly missing her as it smashed into pieces against the wall behind her.

Her actions were seriously concerning this outburst was uncalled for and she could have severely injured her grandmother. When the responding officer spoke to the two it became apparent that Cassandra didn’t give a shit.

While Wendy tried to explain the situation as calmly as possible, Cassandra continuously interrupted, she simultaneously insulted her and the other officers and was generally being rude.

Cassandra’s lousy behavior was taking a toll on her grandparents.

April 1st of 2017 was unfortunately no different once again Cassandra decided to put her grandparents through a lot of emotional turmoil and Wendy went to Facebook to post on her disappearance unknown to her this would be the last time she would ever post on Facebook because in a few hours later she fell silent at 11:18 pm.

Wendy and Randall were not replying to any of their messages or phone calls so a welfare check was requested. When officers arrived at the house they instantly sensed that something was amiss despite knocking on the door no one answered it.

On April 8th a seemingly unrelated call came over the radio in a nearby in the town of Lawrenceville a domestic assault case was reported from one of the homes in the area.

However, by the time responding officers arrived the attackers had already fled the scene but those assailants were identified immediately, and perhaps unsurprisingly that included Cassandra Bjorge and her 19-year-old boyfriend, Johnny Rider. They had unlawfully entered the home of Johnny’s sister and her boyfriend and sadly their crimes would not stop there.

Johnny’s sister and her boyfriend returned home early that night to find the house in complete disarray the bedroom was torn to pieces with several items missing and standing in the middle of the bedroom smirking were Cassandra and her boyfriend Johnny.

An altercation broke out between the two couples with Johnny pepper spraying his sister in the face sending her to her knees and began to beat her boyfriend in the face while Cassandra went to get a baseball bat, she started by beating Johnny’s sister over the head, neck and shoulders leaving both of them fighting for their lives on the ground. They then fled the scene, taking his sister's car in the process.

When the responding officers started looking into the crime scene while there they realized that the car Cassandra and Johnny arrived in was not theirs. it belonged to Wendy and Randell and they had been missing for several days, when they returned to the residence, police officers were much more forceful in trying to get an answer this time, after failing to get a connection. That was when they decided to barge the door down that is when an overwhelming smell of decay greeted them, making their way upstairs to the master bedroom that terrible smell grew stronger and after opening the bedroom door they found Wendy and Randall dead on the floor both had succumbed to a very violent death.

The police connected the dots and police set a manhunt for Cassandra and Johnny. The next day they were found, the two had barricaded themselves inside an apartment sparking a SWAT standoff for an hour.

Once the police made entry they found the teens with self-inflicted stab wounds, in other words, they were in a bathroom, lying in their pour of blood, trying to kill themselves.

After several hours of interrogation, Cassandra admitted to what happened.

Cassandra was sick of her grandparents trying to control her life. She had had enough of their discipline and so after running away on the first of April, she met with Johnny to hatch a sinister plot to murder her grandparents.

On the night of their deaths, Rider and Cassandra waited until the lights were turned out in the home, before entering the home where Cassandra had been living, beating her grandparents with their fists and a tire iron, stabbing them multiple times and eventually slitting their throats.

The two later bleached the bodies of Cassandra's grandparents and sealed the room with caulk to hide the smell of their decaying bodies, while they ordered takeout, smoked marijuana, and invited friends over to the home for days of parties.

The case didn’t go to trial because they struck a plea deal, after pleading guilty to the murders of Wendy and Randall Bjorge and guilty to aggravated assault and theft.

Our love birds were sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole only after 60 years in addition to this they were sentenced to an extra 21 years to be served concurrently with their life sentences.

The judge preceding the case said;

“I’m not sure I’ve ever imagined such a well-planned, despicable, heinous act to be committed by two such young people, the heartless and depraved nature of what the two of you did tells me it’s not worth my time.”

When given the chance to speak, Johnny seemed to be genuinely remorseful and asked for forgiveness from his family and the community. He claimed that the crime was horrific and evil and said that in his heart he knew that he deserved hellfire. On the other hand, Cassandra was silent when offered the chance to speak and opted to cry quietly instead whether she was crying over the death of her grandparents or the death of her own life we may never know.

Cassandra’s mother later said that she could not believe what had happened and never knew that her daughter was capable of doing something so evil.

Do you think Cassandra's mother is partially responsible or do you think that Cassandra was just a rotten egg destined to become a senseless murderer?